Been a minute…

My oh my it has been a long minute since we’ve seen each other, and I apologize for that. But let me explain, what had happened was:

  • I got a chance to be apart of a fascinating first by joining the first 24/7 news organization that was culturally specific to the Black community
  • Moved to a new state
  • Built an entire website
  • Covered COVID-19
  • Covered Civil Unrest
  • Went viral
  • Single-handedly hit 74 thousand views on a national website

In all that, my baby, my pride, my legacy was put on “hiatus” to further someone else’s dream.

WTH is wrong with me?

Where do I get off thinking that its ok to not follow my calling, to tell the stories of the South, to make a platform for artists to thrive, to build a legacy as strong as the South? I have had to shrink myself in order to fit into someone else’s narrow, yet honorable, dreams.

Where did that dream big like Texas (my home) swag, still tippin on fo fo’s, capris classic, DJ screw mentality that has been engraved into my chest? I have gone from fighting governor’s over protecting HBCUs, nursing homes mistreating people in need, and inspiring the masses to do better and be better…to some desk/digital assistant towing the lines.

I won awards for investigating mismanagement of funds, made a New York Times copy chief of 20 plus years cry because of how “beautiful” I wrote but where is that now?

Where did my power go? Where did my drive go? Where did I go?

I am sorry…

You all deserve better than what I have done these past couple of months. Ten20 deserves the unstoppable force I should be. Today is a new day and there is a brand new me.

So let me reintroduce myself:

I am the son of Man and An’lettes baby boy. Proud graduate of THE Southern University and A&M College where I found my voice. Oakcliff, Highland Hills, and Lancaster (Lane-cuh-stuh so put some respeck on the name) is where I’m from where we swang and we swang to the left while you check our Dougie Swag. Where we bout good times, cars, and chill livin till you cross us. And oh yeah, keepin it as real as possible.

I have put up with a lot of things in the name of something bigger than myself…but now its time to step back up and get back to rolling. It’s time to breathe life back into Ten20 and do what we do best…say what’s real.

Let’s keep it real,



New Year, New Me right?… its 2019, and I have entered into this year as a mother to a new bundle of joy. Ten months later and I’m responsible for another human to raise, grow, and support. While I couldn’t be happier I knew that my first birthing experience could have been better. It was during this pregnancy where I began to question myself and my last experience, then decided to make a change.  People tend to see your growing belly, and decide that is the moment to tell you about their horrible birthing stories.

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Let’s have the Talk

“One monkey don’t run no show…”

Photo by: DeAndra Edwards, ig @heybirde

Ten20 is a dream I had one day in a slump of despair and anger….I know not the prettiest of beginnings but there is a story behind it. I had been back home in Dallas for some time searching for a job that would recognize my skill and -if I must say so myself- genius as a writer. However, after literally trying any and everything I could to get my work seen by the right people…I was overlooked.

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Let’s have the talk: Taking a Risk

Don’t be afraid of the unknown…endless possibilities may be waiting.

By: Norman J. Dotson Jr., Editorial Director

Let’s have the talk… about taking a risk.

Chasing your dreams is never an easy feat especially when your dreams are large. There are, of course, the outside obstacles (finances, competition, and time) but those are not the biggest obstacles that you face, those have a target and enemy that you can in essence get past. Your largest threat (in lieu of sounding like a Jedi master) lies within yourself, the internal demons that can be much more crippling are the mightiest foe to overcome.

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